Friday, March 28, 2008

Small Update

I know its been a little while since my last update, I have been taking a little break by playing through some more of the OC to get some ideas on dialog options and companion side quest ideas. So just bare with me for a little bit while I try and work up some creative juices in the old noggin.


Anonymous said...

Have fun Delak. Take a needed break and come back all refreshed! :)

Delak said...

Thank you Liso. I hope to get back in the sing of things again soon, and pump out some content. As I had feared its the dialog and cutscenes that have turned me off to creating the module so I just need to build up the desire to complete those tasks.

I have been trying to tell myself once there done you can move to more cool things like creating the other levels of the dungeon and adding in the companion side quests. So far it has not worked.

That is why I am hoping playing the OC will inspire me to work on it again.

Anonymous said...

How's the OC going Dal? :) anything inspiring? Play MoTB. it's better hehe

Delak said...

Its going well. I made it to the beginning of the Crossroads Keep portion. I plan on starting getting back into module creation this week. I will be in FL at a conference so I will have sometime to work on it.