Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Screen Shot 2/05/2008

Ok here is one screen shot of the mine area. Hmmm it looks like some strange altar to an unknown rat god.


Jclef said...

Hellz yeah, the altar of the Rat God. Sweet!

I did some reading up on the classic PnP adventure of this title. I'm more excited now - Keep up the good work, Delak, I'm looking forward to this one!

Delak said...

Thank you jclef. I am running into a minor issue with the rat on top of the altar. I can't seem to get him to stay still, it always wants to use its idle animations.

Jclef said...

Try sticking an effect on him - like paralyze, petrify or something (place the code in the OnSpawn event handler).

Do you script at all?

Delak said...

Here is the script I have on the rat's onSpawn script:

// gb_statue_sp
Causes creature to spawn in as a statue.

Clears all creature scripts, sets as plot, applies petrify, etc.

Local vars used with this script:
(variable set "b_effect")
int EFFECT - the visual duration effect (defualts to 0 - VFX_DUR_BLUR)
Example duration effect values:
int VFX_NONE = -1;
int VFX_DUR_BLUR = 0;

// ChazM 3/28/07

#include "NW_I0_GENERIC"
#include "ginc_event_handlers"

void main()
object oTarget = OBJECT_SELF;
SetOrientOnDialog(oTarget, FALSE);

effect ePetrify = EffectPetrify();

int iEffect = GetLocalInt(oTarget, "EFFECT");

if (iEffect != VFX_NONE)
effect eDur = EffectVisualEffect( iEffect );
ePetrify = EffectLinkEffects(eDur, ePetrify);

ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, ePetrify, oTarget);
PrettyDebug(GetName(oTarget) + " - petrified by spawn");

// prevent from being bumpable

// No need to have event handlers if we are just standing here
// (Actually, the empty set defualts to something. To get truly
// nothing we must use the nothing scripts).
SetAllEventHandlers(oTarget, SCRIPT_OBJECT_NOTHING);

// except for dialog in case we want to talk. (need special conv. script)
SetEventHandler(oTarget, CREATURE_SCRIPT_ON_DIALOGUE, "gb_statue_conv");

// make plot so creature is indestructable
SetPlotFlag(oTarget, TRUE);

// Don't run the standard script since all we want is for the creature
// to be permanently paralyzed like a statue, so no treasure generation,
// setting AI flags, etc.

// ===================================================================
// now run the standard spawn. This may run other scripts, create treasure, and set various flags


And the variable EFFECT = 721

Delak said...

Problem Solved. It looks like the gb_statue_sp script does not like to work on a Dire Rat for some reason. So i just put it on a rat made that rat bigger and it all works fine.

Jclef said...

Wow - I just learned a few things here.

Hmm... strange with the script not working with Dire form.

Delak said...

Yes it is, I thought maybe it was because of some creature item like claws or skin but I removed all of that and it still didn't work. Very odd but at least I have a good work around.