Monday, February 4, 2008

Module Update 2/04/2008

Just a small update today. I have only had a little bit of time to work on my module but work is still going on. I am just about done with the first pass at the first level of the mines and will continue with adding in more detail and then the npc's with conversations, creatures, treasure, traps, and such.

No screenshots just yet but be passionate as I will get some out hopefully soon. I hope to have time this week to work on it some more as I will be traveling for work to San Diego for a conference this usually leaves me more free time at night to work on my module.

On a personal side note: I am once again a home owner as my family and I have decided to build a new house so that has taken a lot of my time over the last few weeks. The reason I mention it here is that I will be creating a few pages here on my blog for friends and family that don't live close by to see the progress on the house.


Jclef said...

Awesome - I look forward to some more info on the Rat King.

That, and: Congratulations on the new house!

Delak said...

I was able to work on a little yesterday after my post, mostly the lighting in the mine area and its amazing how the lighting settings can just make an area pop. I was starting to get a little disappointed in the area before then but now it looks great. I took one screenshot that I will post here in a minute.

Thank you - now its the hardest part the waiting for it to be built. I think I might put a count down clock here will need to try and find one.