Thursday, December 27, 2007

Module Update 12/27/2007

Just a quick update for you all today.

I made great progress in getting more of the design document done. I added a new section for Quest/Journal Entries. In this new section I have added Journal entry information for All the Major quests and most of the minor side quests. All that I need to do is put in entries for the companion quests, which should not take long.

I think once that is done I will be in good shape to start creating the areas in the toolset.

I should have time this weekend as my mother is taking my son for the weekend leaving me with lots of free time for the wife and for NWN2.

I will also post the updated design document as a pdf version on NWvault this weekend. So keep your eyes open for that.

I am still trying to get my death script to work the way I want it to but have trouble with a FadeToBlack or BlackScreen, if some one with more scripting knowledge then me could hop over the nwn2 bioware forums and have a look see or if you want I can post it here.

Thats it for me, as all ways comments welcome.

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Jclef said...

Hey Delak - it's great to hear that some progress will be made this weekend!