Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Update 12/19/2007

After deciding on doing a small module design document I started looking for samples that other module creators have used. I did searches on NWVault and the NWN2 forums. I also posted a message on the NWN2 forums to get some feedback from the community on the need or use of one.

I have looked at a few design documents and have decided to use the one from Solvheil as my base. Thanks to Solvheil team for making this available. Here is a link to there development blog if interested.

Because I am recreating a PnP module most of the detail design work has been done for me. So I just needed to add in the Companions, Starting details and details on the village of Silverton. I am about 60% done with the design document depending on how much detail I want to go on quests, companions and such.

I made some great progress on the custom OnDeath script. I have everything just about working right and should have it 100% done in the next few days.

You can download my design document from NWVault link provided below. *Just to warn you there are spoilers in the design document.

Design Document for Idyll's of the Rat King.doc


Ladyelvenstar said...

Congrats on the launch of your blog and getting the design doc up already - I am constantly tweaking mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting module. Could you tell us in what setting is developed?

Good luck.

Delak said...

Thank you Ladyelvenstar. It actually took me longer to deiced whether or not I wanted to use a Design Document then actually create it. I also had help with that using someone else's as a template.

To anonymous:
Its actually set in a Custom World designed by the folks at Goodman Games called √Āereth.

Nalencer said...

Your design doc looks good. I'd probably make it a PDF, as .DOC is not a very accessible format.

I used Chris Taylor's Game Design Template (there's a link on my blog), which I think is what Raith used on the Solvheil project as well. I've been tweaking mine for a couple of weeks, changing the story, etc. It's almost done now, I think.

I'm not even sure if I'm going to post mine. I'll have to censor parts if I do. It lays out the plot for the whole campaign, and I just don't want that out there. All the spoiler warnings in the world don't change the fact that it's public knowledge.

Of course, when you're recreating a published adventure, it's not so bad, especially if it's a short(ish) mod.

By the way, thanks for the blog link. I linked you too.

Delak said...

Thanks Nalencer for the feedback. I plan on changing the format soon, I just want to add a some more information to it before I do that.

As you said for a published PnP module its ok to have spoiler information in it that pertains to the main story, But I will be taking out or not putting into that version some of the side quest information.

I am not sure the length of this module yet my best guess at the moment would be 3-5 hours at best. But I wont know for sure until I have it mostly laid out and play tested a few times.

Jclef said...

This module sounds VERY interesting. I love the fact that there's a "Rat King" in it. I look forward to reading more on the development.

I'll be back!

Delak said...

Thank you jclef.

I hope to have another update tonight or tomorrow.