Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet Your Companions

From left to right we have:
Fobbo Furryfoot, male halfling rogue
Emlynn Lairorellen
, female human, cleric
Aldar Lairorellen, male human, barbarian
Toldan Cladinias , male human, wizard
Freh Battlecrusher, male dwarf, fighter


Nalencer said...

So with the player, that's a six-man party. Not to be critical, but are you sure the barbarian's necessary? You already have a fighter to tank...

Delak said...

Being critical is fine I welcome the feedback.

As for you concern, I wanted to make sure players had an opportunity to select companions that they wanted to.

There is no rule staying that you need all of the companions and is not required the complete the adventure.

As for the barbarian he is tied to the cleric they are brother and sister and can't not be split up.

Nalencer said...

Oh, so they're all optional?

Delak said...

Correct, of course the adventure is tough so you will need some help, but the player can chose who he wants to take with him/her.

Nalencer said...

In that case, it might be beneficial to create a balanced companion of each class, allowing the player to build their ideal party. It would be some extra work, but it would definitely be cool to be able to experiment with all different combinations.

Also, I'd make sure I left the option to multiclass companions, so the party could really develop to the player's desire.

Delak said...

If you noticed, I have created a companion from most of the base classes. Allowing the player to select companions to added abilities he/she doesn't have.

I will only allow multi-class for a companion if the background story allows for it.