Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Screenshots 01/02/2008


Jclef said...

I'm digging those screens~!

Delak said...

Thank you jclef. I keep coming back to the first area "The road to Archbridge" on adding more detail around the caravan section, but not liking what the tool has for misc placeables.

But other then that how does the area look. Texture wise, trees, and such?

Nalencer said...

Those shots are looking pretty nice. I think you need to smooth out the terrain in the town a bit, especially under the houses. The fence sticking out of the hill looks a bit weird too.

Delak said...

Yeah I know, the town is still a work in progress and that was my first pass at it.

Ogrepuppy said...

For a first pass, you're doing great! I like the NPC group, too--they look like a bunch of tough punks, good in a scrape.

Jclef said...

Hey bro - The texturing look good. I can definitely discern between what's what, but I think there could be more done!

I know it may seem like a giant undertaking, but try filling up that texture palette. One texture at a time...

From here:

-Use some Leafy/Pine needle textures under trees. Use about a %40-50 pressure

-Paint some Twig textures underneath any bushes in the area. Use %25-30 pressure

-Scope out your crevices and apply a "light grey" color tool shading for added depth. Size "1|2"

I guarantee it will jump out at you after these steps.

Hope that helps a bit!

Delak said...


thank you for the insight, I have started to change some things around already and will take your advice an apply it. All the help I can get in the texturing area would be great.


Raith Veldrin said...

Save yourself an alternate mod or erf export of an area before you go crazy with the texture brush. That way, you don't have to be too careful as you tweak things.

Pretty soon, you'll be throwing out the backup as outdated. It's knowing there's always a snapshot to go back to that allows you to expiriment more and more with the brushes without restrain.

Delak said...

That is a very good tip Raith, thank you.

Delak said...

jclef - thanks again for the advice I have started to implement some of it and I can already see improvement to the area.

One question though which one is the Leafy/Pine needle texture?

Also the "light grey" which one should that be 10% grey, 30% grey, etc..

Anonymous said...

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Jason S. Roy (Jclef) said...

IIRC - there's two types of Leafy textures (Red/Green-Gold) and two pine needle (light/dark)

I'll get you the specifics later tonight.

Grey scaling really depends on how lit the area is. I'd say a safe way to go is 10-20% for normal exterior crevices. And like 30%+ for under trees/bushes/boulders/houses/etc...

I'll confirm later though.

Jclef said...

TT_GG_Grass_10 & 11 for leafy textures

TT_GG_Grass_21 & 40 for Ligh/Dark Pine Needles

At least these are what the textures look like to me :P

Oh yeah and the grey scaling was correct.

Delak said...

Thanks again Jclef